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A message to our visual Spanish learners

A good majority of people would say that they are visual learners, meaning that they need to see the words to be able to learn them. This is especially the case with adults because seeing is believing, right? But wait! We’re talking about language here - Spanish, in particular - and Spanish is a spoken language. Our students tell us that being able to communicate in-person with a Spanish speaker is at the top of their fluency goals, not reading or writing. So should we rely more on what we hear and not on what we see? ¡Sí!

Using visual cues to help you learn should reinforce the auditory cues that are ideally the foundation of your learning. Here are a few tips to help you train your ears instead of your eyes:

1) Turn off the subtitles next time you watch a show or movie in Spanish, even if the subtitles are in Spanish.

2) Listen to music in Spanish and try to write out what you hear, then go back and compare it to the original lyrics.

3) Close your eyes when you’re listening to Spanish (except when you’re driving of course!) so that you can really focus your attention on what you’re hearing.

If you find yourself ready to take the next step towards your Spanish fluency goals, consider trying one of our immersive Spanish classes, workshops or events. At as low as $10 per class or $140 for unlimited access, we are proud to provide the lowest cost for Spanish instruction with the most talented, experienced teachers in our field. Call 720.772.8841 for a free trial!

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