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Add Spanish to your "Learning Pod!"

If you haven't heard of "learning pods," yet, you might not be a parent of school aged children. If you are, you may be struggling to figure out how to juggle another season of distance learning with your kids. As the start dates for in-person school creeps further into the fall, parents are creating "learning pods" of 2-3 families to facilitate their children's online learning programs or homeschool plan while enabling their children to have social interaction with their peers.

Spanish Learning Network is committed to providing an affordable way to add in-person or online Spanish instruction to your individual, distance learning or homeschool plans! You can hire a professional Spanish instructor with 5+ years experience design a custom Spanish program and teach at your home, at our school or online for as low as $9.72/hour per child, with all materials included! Call to book: 720.772.8841

We are committed to equitable education solutions, which is why we are providing one full scholarship for every ten students who enroll.

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