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Announcing In-person and virtual After School Spanish Clubs!

Beginning in September, we will be offering a seven week series of both in-person* and virtual after school Spanish Clubs!

Students of all levels of Spanish will enjoy this interactive, fun Spanish class. Our innovative teachers find ways to make online learning feel like live learning and bring hands-on social distanced learning to in-person small groups!

Register by clicking one of the links below:

*Our in-person small groups take place at our school, located at 3775 Zenobia St, Denver CO 80212. We have large, open indoor and outdoor classrooms and encourage social distancing to the best of our ability while requiring masks full time. Expect students to be asked to wash their hands as they arrive and to be provided separate materials. All activities are touch-free and all surfaces are sanitized both before the session and once in the middle of the session. All materials are provided. If you have additional concerns or suggestions, please call 720.772.8841. We are a small school run by moms and are in this together with you!

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