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Beginning Soon: February Intensive Spanish Study!

If you're ready to see your Spanish fluency skills skyrocket in just 28 days, join our newest program: February Intensive Study: Paz Poetry!

Dive into this intensive journey into the Spanish language and build a daily study habit under the guidance of an experienced instructor. Profe Caterina will be leading you through a series of daily activities designed to inspire you to learn more Spanish while diving into the cultures and geography of Chile and Colombia.

Expect to spend between 2-4 hours each week listening, journaling and reading your way through February in this intensive study experience. Your work will be reviewed by Profe Caterina each week.

Your enrollment includes a complimentary copy of the February 2021 edition of Paz Poetry: 365 days of Learning, Adventure, and Fun!

$1 from each sale is donated to the Denver Permaculture Guild. Preview a copy here

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