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Don't lose your Spanish skills this summer!

"Summer Learning Loss" or "Summer Slide" are terms that us teachers use to describe the decline in recall and skills that happens during summer breaks.

And it makes sense, doesn't it?

Your brain will begin to dump information and memories it doesn't think it needs when you don't continuously access them.

Even worse? Adult learners experience more extreme summer learning loss than kids do.

Many of our adult students find themselves losing their hard earned fluency skills when they take a break of 3-12 weeks during the warmer months.

If you were on a roll with your Spanish fluency progress in the colder months, do not stop now!

As the summer kicks into gear, Spanish Learning Network has lots of ways you can keep your Spanish skills fresh and avoid summer learning loss!

  • Flexible scheduling so you can work around your vacation plans. If you need to take some time off, that's fine! But load up a few extra classes before and/or after!

  • The option to audit a class. Not able to focus on your class at full capacity? On the road or making dinner when a class is available? Just type "I'm auditing today" in the chat, turn off your camera and microphone, and enjoy any of our classes like an entertaining podcast!

  • Online options... so you can study from anywhere! (We'll try not to get too jealous when you log in from your beachside chair...)

Curious about how to grow your Spanish skills? Ready to chat with a professional linguist about some strategies that will get you to fluency fast? Sign up for a complimentary strategy session with us today!

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