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Extra Resources for Learning Spanish!

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

We understand that sifting through the miriad of options for extra Spanish practice online can be daunting. From apps to translators to online quizzes and games, it’s hard to know which ones to try - and which ones are really free of cost! Look no further! Scroll down for some additional resources for Spanish learners that you can use to supplement your Spanish classes at Spanish Learning Network:

Forget about your search engine translator. WordReference is a great tool when you’re looking for that specific word in the right context from the right Spanish-speaking country. Did you know that there are four different words for banana in Spanish? Well if you use WordReference you will!

Do you like using flashcards? Then put away those crusty, coffee-stained ones on your desk and download Quizlet. Flashcards you can take anywhere (granted you have your phone with you). Create as many decks as you’d like and practice them in a variety of ways. Make sure to hit that speaker icon too, so you can hear the word said back to you.

They say the best way to learn a language is to get out there and speak with people. With EasySpanish, you can watch and listen along to countless conversations with native Spanish-speakers from a variety of countries. And if your ear isn't yet trained, read along to the subtitles in both Spanish and English!

There you have it! Even more free resources to supplement the over 70 classes we are offering in the month of November at Spanish Learning Network! Not a member yet? Check out our huge variety of online Spanish classes for every type of learner and enjoy sessions as low as $10 each:

Call 720.772.88741 to schedule a free trial class!

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