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¡Feliz Cumpleaños, SLN! Take a free Spanish class on us!

Spanish Learning Network is celebrating our 12th anniversary ! To celebrate, we are offering one FREE Spanish class to the first 100 people who use the coupon code FELIZ at checkout through the end of April.

Spanish Learning Network is a one on-one-coaching program that helps you learn Spanish in the most effective, personalized and affordable way. During your free assessments, we help you identify your current skills and show you the classes that meet your level, learning style, schedule and budget. Your re-assessments are totally free every twelve weeks as long as you are a current student of Spanish Learning Network!

In addition to our 160+ virtual adult Spanish classes each month, we also offer 4-5 in-person events as well. Want more? We also offer private tutoring and group rates for private programming!

We are proud to partner with dozens of local and national non-profits such as food banks, government organizations, health departments, police departments, public school districts, and private schools to help increase linguistic diversity in our communities and empower good people with big hearts to come alongside our Spanish speaking neighbors.

We also offer free, in-person local conversation groups guided by professional instructors so that everyone can have access to an opportunity to grow their Spanish skills.

Thank you for helping us to keep this movement of affordable, comprehensive Spanish classes going as we come alongside so many of you to bring more smiles and "Bienvenidos" to our communities!

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