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Five Questions to ask before joining any Spanish program

Let's get one thing straight: Some language programs work, and some don't.

Below are the five questions you should ask before spending your hard earned money and valuable time on any Spanish program. Below each question, we have included Spanish Learning Network's answer.

  • What method of language acquisition does your instruction most closely resemble, and why do you find that method to be the most effective? The short answer? Immersion! We ascribe to the Comprehensible Input method, which is part of Stephen Krashen's theory of language acquisition that most closely models how the brain learns languages naturally.

  • How many classes do you offer a week? A month? Which ones will I have access to? We know that learning a new language means maximizing your exposure to that language. That's why you can take as many of our 100+ classes a month as you like on our LEVEL UP plan. If you're taking a level that is above or below your own, just let the instructor know by saying, "I'm auditing this class!"

  • If I miss a class, do I get an opportunity to make up that class or re-schedule? Yes - if you were to miss a Level 1 class, for example, you could take one of our other four Level 1 classes offered each week or reschedule for a future class at no additional charge. The weekly presentations are available on our website for our members.

  • How do you monitor student progress and guarantee results? Each of our LEVEL UP students is on an individualized custom learning plan that ensures they are getting the language exposure they need based on their learning goals, schedule and budget. That means you'll never "fall behind" or feel "too ahead" of the other students in our program. We do this by scheduling complimentary assessments and custom learning plan design with all of our LEVEL UP program members. You can also book one of these sessions here.

  • How many instructors will I have access to and what is their experience? We understand that learning from a diverse number of instructors will add to your Spanish learning experience. We require a minimum of five years experience, and have six instructors with a combined 80 years experience. Half of our team has 15-20 years experience.

  • What extra supports do you offer outside of class? In addition to the periodic assessments mentioned above, we also offer a Spanish learning blog full of tips and tricks and extra trainings and seminars free of charge on our LEVEL UP Facebook page, where you can interact with our posts, ask questions and learn about the latest in language acquisition. Members who want more practice can also download a free digital copy of our 300+ page textbook.

Are you ready to launch your Spanish fluency success? Click here to schedule a complimentary strategy session and get one-on-one advice from a professional linguist and Spanish instructor. We will help you identify your goals and let you know if you are a good fit for our program.

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