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Learning Spanish for your partner?

What better reason to learn Spanish than for el amor? Partnering up with a Spanish speaker puts you in the front seat of language learning and is a great way to boost your Spanish skills. But just like nobody expects their union to be easy, learning Spanish for (and from) your partner is not easy, either. Being your one-and-only Spanish language-exchange partner can put a lot of pressure on a relationship!

That’s where Spanish Learning Network can help! We have dozens of husbands, wives, girlfriends and boyfriends using our live classes with experienced instructors to learn how to communicate even better with the ones they love. Our instructors focus on your needs and know how to help you with those tricky language matters that your loving spouse may not be too sure about. And when you do feel confident in your abilities, try them out on tu amor and see the surprise on their face when they say, “No te enseñé eso!” (I didn’t teach you that!)

Register for one of over 100 upcoming classes here, and get ready to reach your Spanish fluency goals faster!

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