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New: All *76* November Spanish classes on one calendar!

Our November 2020 schedule has been posted with over 60 adult classes and 16 kids classes!

¡Nuestro horario de Noviembre 2020 se ha posteado con más de 60 clases para adultos y 16 clases para niños!

Take a peek at our upcoming workshops such as POR and PARA, Yoga in Spanish, our two week series on Spanish Phonetics, Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns, or even our Origami in Spanish workshop! Whether you crave intense grammar, need more Spanish conversation practice, or want to engage your creative side to empower your language acquisition, Spanish Learning Network has a class for you to reach your fluency goals!

Want more information or personal guidance on your journey to Spanish fluency? Call us at 720.772.8841 or drop us a note at!

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