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New: Package discounts for online Spanish classes for kids!

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Thanks to your support, our online Spanish Club classes have been a big hit! We are now offering packages to offer our classes at an even lower rate. We are committed to making online learning affordable for families, with real, experienced teachers and a 1:4 teacher/student ratio – not just more online games in front of a screen.

Our Spanish Clubs have a teacher/student ratio of between 1:2 and 1:4 and are just $20 (discounted packages available.) Our educational model is comprehensible input, which means that our teachers design an immersive model that uses language students can understand through the use of cognates – words that are similar or identical on both English and Spanish – to help kids gain confidence. Our instructors also use hand motions, yes/no or A/B questions and images/photos/short videos for our beginners, while asking our students with more Spanish experience to offer more opinions or explain their answers. We are proud to offer this immersive and accessible model for kids (and adults!) of all language levels.

After your purchase, you will receive instructions via email on how to book your ten classes on our booking page:

You can use these for multiple students, or even share them with friends so they can take classes together!

Questions? Email us at info@denverspanishnetwork or call 720.772.8841

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