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New Spanish Class Series: La Cultura de Creencias

At Spanish Learning Network, we love helping you reach your fluency goals through thematic discovery. In the next four weeks, all of our Level 1-10 classes will be building vocabulary and grammar skills through the lens of cultural belief systems.

Dive into Superstitions of Latin America and Spain in week 1, explore classic legends in week 2, and learn about the Mexican Day of the Dead traditions in weeks 3 and 4!

With our Fluency Plan, you have unlimited access to over 100 hours a month of online programming. Enjoy live, immersive classes with individual attention from our experienced instructors, join a conversation group, pop in to a grammar workshop to improve your skills, or sign up for our month-long bootcamp to fast track your way to Spanish fluency. Spanish Learning Network is proud to offer the lowest prices and highest quality classes with real, live instructors and immersive classes. Call 720.772.8841 to ask for a free trial class today!

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