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Upcoming In Person Spanish Events for Adults!

We are excited to announce two upcoming in person events to help you practice your Spanish skills in person!

At your request, we are introducing an event where you can snag a little of that "liquid courage." Enigma Bazaar will be hosting our next Spanish Conversation and Drinks event on Saturday, May 6th from 4pm - 6pm. Profe Austin will be leading the conversation and helping you build your Spanish conversation skills while you sip on a delicious cocktail or mocktail at this beautiful artistic venue. This event is perfect for Spanish learners of all levels.

Our upcoming Murder Mystery Event will take place at our Spanish Learning Network Offices on Sunday, May 7th from 3pm - 6pm. This event is perfect for Spanish learners in levels 2-5, and will feature the opportunity to engage in conversational, immersive Spanish while trying to figure out "whodunit!" When else will you get the chance to practice accusing someone or defending yourself in Spanish? Don't be shy; this event is a do not miss!

Our next Coffee and Conversation event will be returning to Convivio Café on Saturday, June 3rd from 11am - 1pm. Join us for a relaxing afternoon and excellent brews while we help guide you through Spanish Conversation skills in an immersive, low pressure environment. This event is perfect for Spanish learners of all levels.

At Spanish Learning Network, we know that providing immersive, varied opportunities to engage with the Spanish language is the key to your fluency success. Join us for one of our in person events and put those real world Spanish conversation skills to work! Need virtual Spanish class options? We have over 100 each month to choose from on our course calendar. Enroll for an individual class, or save and join one of our flexible, affordable pricing plans. Not sure where to start? Schedule a complimentary assessment here.

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Monica (Camden's mom)
Monica (Camden's mom)
06 de mai. de 2023

Both events sound like a blast! I'll see if I can convince some other parents of bilingual students to check them out this weekend.


22 de abr. de 2023

I wish I could go to the event on May 6th but I will be out of town. I've got the one on June 3rd on my calendar though!

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