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How much do our classes cost?

If you attend three adult classes or workshops a week,
our classes cost under $11 each with our LEVEL UP Plan!

Learning a language is a time consuming challenge that will prove to be one of the most rewarding of your life. It should be something you can do at your own pace and provide lots of opportunities to access to the language in ways that you can understand. It also shouldn't break the bank! 

Our classes, events, and workshops are available for individual purchase from $5 to $40. We offer traditional grammar classes, vocabulary and conversation workshops, mystery dinner parties, cooking classes, online boot camps and more:

At checkout, you can choose to pay for that class alone, or you can enroll in our Fluency Plan. For $140/month, you can take any (or all) of our up to 100 hours a month of adult programming. Take your time with one class a week, or challenge yourself to move through the levels more quickly by attending multiple classes a week!
This is your language journey. With Spanish Learning Network, you control your pace and schedule. We are proud to offer the most affordable and flexible learning program in the country. Call us at 720.772.8841 to set up a consultation today! 

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