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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see the answer to your question here,
please contact us via the chat feature on this page or give us a call at 720.772.8841.

What type of school is Spanish Language Network?

We offer an open network hybrid model of grammar- and immersion-based instruction that offers all of the benefits of both! Our students enjoy a network of online and in-person classes, workshops, conversation groups, and special events that provide unlimited opportunities to learn, use and enjoy the Spanish language in contexts where they are comfortable, confident,  and challenged. We are able to offer all of these services at a fraction of the cost of our competitors' programs because of the number of clients who utilize our services. 

What types of services do you offer?

Spanish Foundations: In this one-hour workshop, you will learn the absolute basics of the Spanish language. Topics include greetings, numbers, telling time, nouns and adjectives. These are recommended only for those who have never taken a Spanish class before. If you can introduce yourself, say where you are from, and have some Spanish vocabulary words under your belt, start with Level 1.


Level 1-9 Classes: Our leveled classes are designed to bring you closer to fluency through holistic and thematic exposure and practice with the language. Our comprehensible input method helps our students acquire the Spanish language faster by incorporating conversation into each concept. Our instructors will let you know when you are ready to move into the next level, but you are welcome to audit levels that are higher or lower than your own. We ask that auditing individuals respect the level of the class and not inundate the class with questions or take away from other students’ opportunities to provide answers to questions. Included at no additional charge with our LEVEL UP Plan


Conversation Groups: We host conversation groups each week for Levels 2-4 and for Levels 5-7. In these groups, instructors encourage conversation by providing topics and support. Don’t expect a grammar lesson, but feel free to ask questions about grammar, vocabulary, cultural points, etc., if they come up!  Included at no additional charge with our LEVEL UP Plan


Specialty Workshops: You will find workshops based on grammar topics such as prepositions, the past tense, and idiomatic expressions, as well as Spanish for travel, Latin cooking classes, “dirty Spanish” classes (not for the faint of heart!), or a chance to learn Spanish through art, music, film and more. These are great opportunities to dive into a challenging topic, brush up on one you’ve previously learned, or explore the Spanish language through a different lens. Included at no additional charge with our LEVEL UP Plan


Immersion Events: Don’t leave your Spanish in the classroom! Take it for a test drive and cement your conversation skills with one of our other many events. We host in-person meetups, Spanish-only conversation dinners at local Latin restaurants, happy hours, adult scavenger hunts in the Santa Fe Art District, and murder mystery parties where you’ll have a role and figure out “whodunnit” using the Spanish you’ve learned in our classes. These events are still somewhat on hold due to Covid-19 concerns, but we are slowly bringing them back and have added extra workshops and classes on our current online schedule while things return to "normal." Included at no additional charge with our LEVEL UP Plan with the exception of some events where food is provided


Private Tutoring: You may consider private tutoring if you want to move more quickly or appreciate one-on-one instruction. We offer individual sessions as well as discounted packages here

Kids Programming: We offer in person and online classes for kids ages 5+ at all levels, including after school programs and summer Spanish immersion camps. We also offer baby/toddler classes to help our littlest clients start their language journey when their brains are at their ripest for language acquisition! 


International Immersion Trips: We accompany groups of clients on trips to Spanish speaking countries to practice Spanish skills with the 24/7 help of our talented instructors. These trips include adult trips as well as family trips.


Specialty Classes: Occasionally, we offer special classes for people in the medical field, teachers, veterinarians, and more. Book a private class with us and learn the Spanish you need to succeed. 


Not sure which class to take? Book a complimentary assessment and custom learning plan design session here

How much do the classes cost?

We offer one hour Spanish classes and events for $35. Our LEVEL UP Plan includes all adult classes and events in our network for $199/month. Many of our students enjoy classes as low as $15 each!  With our LEVEL UP Plan, you can take an unlimited amount of our 100+ hours a month of classes and events. You can purchase our LEVEL UP Plan here.

Wait.. I'm comparing prices and your competitors are charging twice as much for only one or two classes a week! How do you do this?

It's true! Our competitors charge $300 to $600 (or more!) a month for just one or two classes a week. We can offer 100+ hours a month of classes, workshops, and other unique events because we have a large following of students who access our programming online and in person. Instead of one-size-fits-all classes, we offer unique workshops and classes where you can learn Spanish through music, art, grammar, thematic vocabulary, conversational interactions without a grammar focus, intensive boot camps, Latin cooking classes and more. 

Do you have Native Spanish Speaking Teachers?

Yes, we do! All of our teachers are native or near-native speakers and have five years or more experience teaching Spanish. We recognize the benefits of learning from native speakers as well as from someone who learned the same way you are and understands the pitfalls and challenges you will experience in a unique way. Our network was started by our founder Bex Paz, a non-native Spanish speaker and Spanish instructor who wanted to create a language school that more closely modeled the latest in language acquisition research while providing flexible, affordable opportunities for all learners. We hire the best instructors in our field based on experience, talent, and effectiveness.

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