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Drinking Sangria

Our School 

Spanish Language Network was founded in 2013 as a way to provide Spanish instruction to adults who need flexible, affordable classes. Our classes feel more like a happy hour than a high pressure course and our learning community often connects outside of class to practice and study.

Our Students

Our students are parents, kids, educators, and busy professionals. Our flexible schedules, private tutoring, and conversation groups meet the needs of language learners who need a flexible, personalized program. 

Our Mission 

Our mission is to discover new ways for adults to learn a language that work for busy schedules. We provide a relaxed, low pressure environment with limitless opportunities to speak, listen and practice the Spanish language. 

Our Teachers

One of our core values is compensating great teachers well for their great work. You won't find any burnt out, underpaid teachers here - only experienced, flexible, innovative, creative professionals, each with more than five years of teaching experience.

What Are Our Students Saying?

I love taking classes at Spanish Learning Network! It's small (only about six students per class). The class is at MY level and I learn new things every week. Bex, the director, is really responsive to students' needs- adjusting activities, setting up extra tutoring sessions, etc. There are lots and lots of opportunities to talk and read and write. We do lots of hands-on activities- perfect for a kinesthetic learner like me. By far the best Spanish class I have ever taken!


I’ve taken many language classes and this is by far the best one! Amazing teacher and great class material! ¡Me gusta!


I’m taking the beginners class and it is terrific. Jenn is a fantastic teacher and I really look forward to classes every week.

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