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How can I practice my Spanish skills in a real-life setting?

At Spanish Learning Network, we provide a hybrid model of learning that includes the convenience of online learning and the necessity of live, in-person practice. I like to describe our model as one-on-one coaching with small group classes and events in between.

While technology has made it easier than ever to learn a new language online, there's something uniquely valuable about practicing Spanish in-person. That is why in addition to our 150+ group classes each month, we also offer a variety of in-person opportunities to practice your Spanish alongside a qualified, patient instructor who can guide you in the right direction and give you gentle, helpful correction. Even better, many of those events are totally free! It's just one way Spanish Learning Network encourages linguistic diversity in our communities.

Now, you can also partner alongside us with Denver Public Schools to volunteer your time in one of ten local schools that are welcoming new arrivals from Spanish speaking countries. What a beautiful way to build your Spanish skills while giving back to our community!

I hope to see you at an event soon!

Bex Paz

(Founder/Director, Spanish Learning Network)

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