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Announcing our New Fluency Plan!

Updated: Dec 23, 2019

We have known that Immersion is the best way to become fluent in a language for decades. But most adults don't have the time or resources to spend a significant amount of time in another country!

That's why Denver Spanish Network has created the area's only hybrid, all-inclusive network of conversation based grammar classes and immersion experiences. For one low monthly cost, our students enjoy up to 100 hours a month of grammar classes, conversational groups, office hours, vocabulary building classes, and immersive experiences such as Spanish-only dinners, game nights, show/movie/book club discussion groups, bootcamps, cooking classes and workshops. All adult classes, conversation groups, and immersion experiences at all of our locations are included.

Ditch the textbook (or don't!) and create the fluency program that works for you and your schedule. Or, ask one of our experienced instructors to design a program that fits your needs. Go as fast or slow as you like, and pause your membership plan at any time. It's the ultimate flexible immersion program!

See all of our Classes and Immersion Experiences here:

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