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Come join our Club de lectura - starting soon!

¿Para QUIÉN es la clase? This class is intended for anyone with at least an intermediate-level comfort with the language and an interest in improving their skills. Even if you feel like you might not be ready yet to tackle a whole book in Spanish, come try it - you might just be surprised!

¿CUÁNDO es la clase? Starting mid-July, we will meet every other week through the beginning of December. There will almost always be two sessions, one on Wednesday mornings, the other Thursday evenings and you are welcome to attend whichever works best for you. Likewise, given the structure of the book - each chapter is its own separate story - you should feel free to join us even if you think you might miss a class here or there.

¿QUÉ vamos a leer? We will be reading Cajas de cartón, by Francisco Jiménez. It is a series of autobiographical relatos, sharing the story of the arrival of Francisco's family to the United States from Mexico and the first few years of their lives here. It is an enjoyable read, one that focuses on immigration and recent-arrival issues through a human (not political) lens, and told from the point of view of Jiménez himself as a young boy.

¿QUÉ necesito? You will need to purchase your own copy of the book. It is available in an inexpensive paperback format from Amazon and other retailers. Please choose this version, as we will be referencing specific page numbers in class and in your personal preparation. All other materials will be provided in a series of PDFs. It is your choice whether or not to print them or simply refer to them in their digital form. You will also receive a book-specific glossary, along with a guide for each chapter that includes comprehension questions to help you follow along.

¿QUÉ vamos a hacer? Each class session will be a bit different - there may be videos or news reports, songs, additional readings or activities, small or whole group discussions, challenges or games, extension activities, etc. We will, on occasion, break into more specific group activities, allowing you to work more closely with peers at your particular level.

¿CON QUIÉN hablo si tengo preguntas? Please reach out with any questions or concerns!! If you are unsure about your readiness, just ask! Already read the book and worried you might be bored? Let us prove you wrong! This is a fun opportunity to strengthen ALL of your language skills and really watch your abilities improve over time!

¿QUÉ hago ahora? If you are interested in joining us, please let me know by a) signing up for a spot, and b) by emailing me at the address below - I will send over the dictionary and packet for the first chapter so you can get started right away!

Looking forward to starting this aventura de lectura with you soon! ¡A leer!

Profe Jennifer

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