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Guess who was selected Best Language School in 2022?

Here at Spanish Learning Network, we are humbled but not surprised that we won Best Language School in 2022 by Denver Awards!

Our current students know why:

  • Access to 120+ Spanish classes a month through our unlimited "Level Up" class pass

  • Flexible scheduling - you can't "miss a class" when there are hundreds to choose from!

  • Customized, individualized programing and free, one-on-one assessments every 12 weeks

  • Access to a dozen Spanish teachers totaling 120+ years experience

  • Affordable. (Need we say more?)

We are proud to be recognized with this award for our innovative, immersive Spanish programming. Hear it from one of our former students:

"Por primera vez, después de varias visitas a España, me siento muy muy cómodo aquí porque puedo hablar con confianza. Hace un gran diferencia. El resultado de tu inspiración!" - Brad

"For the first time, after various visits to Spain, I feel very very comfortable here because I can speak with confidence. It makes a big difference. It is the result of your inspiration!" - Brad

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