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Introducing a 7 Day Free Trial for Unlimited Spanish Classes!

For years, our clients have been enjoying unlimited Spanish classes, conversation groups and workshops by our expert instructors for as little as $5 per class. That's because our LEVEL UP Your Spanish Program offers LIVE, unlimited classes with easy, convenient scheduling.

With almost 40 classes each week, you can boost your Spanish fluency by up to one level every 9 weeks with our customized programming that helps you focus on the specific skills YOU need. Our experienced instructors offer complimentary assessments and advice on which classes to take in order to get your Spanish moving to the next level.

For a limited time, we are offering a NEW 7 Day Free Trial of our LEVEL UP Program. Don't worry - there are no sign-on fees, no cancellation fees, and you can pause, change, or stop your plan at any time. ¡Fantástico! Hurry - this offer ends August 31st.

Click here to register and start taking classes right away!

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