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Learn new Spanish vocabulary - The right way!

Feel like you just don’t have the words to say what you want? Don’t worry, most Spanish learners feel that way. But how can you fix this? Should you get a vocabulary book and make a bunch of flashcards that you’ll never have time to get through? Great news: If you’re reading this, you’re doing exactly what you should be doing: reading. Reading is a sure-fire way to explode your vocabulary! Being exposed to new words on a regular basis in such a visual way will tickle your brain and boost your comprehension. Wondering what you should read? How about these recommendations:

1) Short, easy-to-finish books. You don’t have to read books for 3-year-olds, but don’t start with Don Quixote because even a native speaker couldn’t get through that in a reasonable amount of time!

2) Books you’ve already read in your native language. You know how they start, how they progress, and how they end, so you don’t need to look up as many words for context purposes.

3) Everything else! This was supposed to be a concise list right? Wrong! Reading anything and everything you can in Spanish will add to the wealth of your vocabulary in more ways than one. So next time you’re in the shower take a look at that shampoo bottle and learn how to apply those bubbles en español!

Check out our variety of live workshops with experienced teachers to boost your vocabulary, pump up your conversation skills, and learn the Spanish you need for your career. Our classes start at just $20, or you can purchase our Fluency Plan and enjoy unlimited Spanish classes for one low monthly rate.

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