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Learn Spanish like you learned to ride a bike

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Have you ever heard the expression, “It’s just like riding bike”? People generally use this in regards to things they’ve learned before and wish to return to with the same proficiency. For Spanish learners, this is the goal, right? We strive to put in the time, effort, and energy so that we won’t end up forgetting the language next time we try and use it. But often times learners say they can’t remember the vocabulary or the expressions or the verb tenses, so it seems that their bike-ride with Spanish is over.

But wait! When you were learning to ride a bike did you have to put your feet down at times so you wouldn’t fall over? Did you tumble and get right back up again as someone encouraged you to get up and try again? The same happens with learning a language. Sometimes we get going and then for a moment we lose our balance and confidence in ourselves. Though the more we do it, the more we cruise right along. This is what the trek to fluency is like, and once you get there, you won’t forget. Choose a class and an instructor who acknowledges your progress and encourages you to get back up and keep going!

Keep your language skills fresh with these few tips:

- Have a Spanish language movie or podcast playing while you're driving or completing other tasks.

- Make Spanish part of your self care routine with and easy-to-read book or Spanish language music that you truly enjoy.

- Book a low-stress one hour workshop with Spanish Learning Network on a topic you already know to keep previously acquired knowledge from fading.

Wherever you’re at in your journey to learn Spanish, let Spanish Learning Network help you really get moving so that just like riding a bike, you can always pick up where you left off. Try one of our popular workshops for as little as $15, book one of our private tutors with up to 20 years experience, or enroll in our Fluency Plan, which offers unlimited classes, workshops, and events for just $140/month. That's as low as $10 a class!


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