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The most important Spanish class we offer is...

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

"I just want to wait until I'm ready," Matt said. As the director of Spanish Learning Network, I tried not to smack my forehead as I said, "NO, Matt. You are ready. You have always been ready."

Prospective students often ask me, "What class should I take?" Usually, they're asking if they should join Level 1 or Level 2 based on their prior experience. Here's what I tell them:

I can help you with that. But it doesn't matter as much as joining a conversation group!

Level 1-9 classes will include different content in regards to grammar and vocabulary, but all of that learning is lost if you don't make the time to use it. As I always say,

"Conversation groups are where the magic happens."

Too often, a certain brand of American perfectionism causes us to take a hundred language classes before we feel "worthy" of exercising our new skills in a real-world situation. Don't believe that little voice telling you you're not ready. Our instructors have between 5 and 20 years experience teaching Spanish, and they have heard every mistake a thousand times.

So, why not register for a conversation group today? Bring your worst Spanish. I dare you.

- Bex Paz, Director

Spanish Learning Network

Want to chat about language acquisition? Need help creating your own personalized map with the fastest route to fluency? Whether you are considering our classes or another program, give me a call. These conversations are my favorite, and you will never be pressured to make a purchase with us. 720-772-8841

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