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What if you entered 2022 as a fluent Spanish speaker?

Back-to-school season has already arrived, and Spanish Learning Network is offering a 12 week Spanish program to ensure you enter the New Year speaking and communicating in Spanish on a whole new level.

What would it look like if you could...

... communicate your travel plans in a Spanish speaking country?

... speak with your partner or in-laws in their language?

... help your child(ren) as you learn Spanish alongside them?

... go farther and make more money in your career as a bilingual Spanish/English speaker?

... feel accomplished and confident as a Spanish speaker?

... make connections in your community that were previously unavailable to you?

As a second language learner myself, I can attest that all of the above has made me into a more confident, accomplished and successful individual and member of my community. The joy and pride I feel having achieved Spanish fluency is the greatest accomplishment of my life.

That's why I'm inviting you to join me by enrolling in this unique program that I have developed over the last 18 years of teaching Spanish. It features the latest in brain science in language acquisition by featuring LIVE immersive instruction with the best Spanish instructors in our field, the incorporation of comprehensible input strategies, and a focus on building conversation skills to ensure you reach your fluency goals.

I'm even offering free tutoring and a final assessment to make sure you reach your goals!

Register Here to confirm your enrollment for October 6 - December 31st.

This 12 week program includes:

  • Initial assessment and custom learning plan designed to fit your schedule

  • Access to over 300 live online Spanish classes, workshops, conversation groups and learning experiences hosted by Spanish instructors with 5-25 years experience.

  • Access to in-person classes and events in Denver, Colorado

  • 6 week check-in / private tutoring session

  • One-on-one attention and guidance, including offline access to an experienced Spanish instructor throughout your journey

  • Final assessment and certification of completed level of program

  • $100 off of our regular monthly subscription price!

Hurry; in order to keep our class sizes small and personalized, we are only accepting a handful of dedicated students in this program!

Register Here to confirm your enrollment for October 6 - December 31st.

Con Cariño,

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