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What is your "meta" with Spanish?

“Meta” is the Spanish word for goal and no matter what level you’re at, you should have one. Making clear goals when learning a language is a great way to track your progress. Maybe your goal is to get through an entire book in Spanish. Or maybe you want to have five, hour-long conversations a month. Having these metas in mind will change the way you learn Spanish. Here are a few based on your level:

Beginner: Write out a script in Spanish introducing yourself and memorize it so that next time you meet someone new, you won’t have to think about what to say.

Intermediate: Once a week, record yourself speaking Spanish and go back and listen. Find your mistakes and try to fix them for that month.

Advanced: Watch a movie in Spanish (without subtitles!) and write a synopsis afterwards about what happened. Share this with a friend or teacher and talk about how to make your ideas clearer and more organized.

Spanish Learning Network is dedicated to helping students create goals and achieve them. If you find yourself ready to take the next step towards your Spanish fluency goals, consider trying one of our immersive Spanish classes, workshops or events. At as low as $20 per class or $140 for unlimited monthly access to up to 100 hours of classes, we are proud to provide the lowest cost for Spanish instruction with the most talented, experienced teachers in our field. Call 720.772.8841 for a free trial!

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